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How To Add Flag Counter Widget In Blogger Website:-

Hey Guys, Welcome to the TechGameTime and Today i will show you how to Add Flag Counter Widget in blogger website with step by step Flag Counter Widget show us how many visitors visit our website in One day with visitor country flag.


If you want to show your audience that which country visitors mostly visit your website or blog then Flag Counter Widget is the best way to show your audience the visitor country flag.

These are Following Steps:-

Step 1: Open Flag Counter website and Customize your widget and then Click on Get Your Flag Counter button.
Step 2: Now we need to Copy This Code.
Step 3: Now go to Blogger Layout and Find the place where you want to add this Widget and then Click on Add a Gadget.
Step 4: Now Click On HTML/JavaScript gadget.
Step 5: Here we need to Paste the Code which we copied from Flag Counter website and then we need to Save this settings by Clicking at Orange button.
Step 6: Now this is last step Click on Save Arrangement button and View Your Blog.

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