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New Samsung Galaxy S11 Mobile Phone - Official News

New Samsung Galaxy S11 Mobile Phone Image
New Samsung Galaxy S11 Mobile Phone

Hey! What's up guys and it's time for some Official Samsung News Samsung has just Officially Announced the powers that will be inside of the Galaxy S11 bringing you the Samsung Exynos 990 Processor along with a 5G Modem.

Samsung Exynos 990

Samsung Exynos 990 Chipset Image
Samsung Exynos 990 Chipset
Exynos 990 is the name for Samsung's next big chipset they will most likely be inside of the S11 and probably inside of the Galaxy Note 11 as well It's build on the most advanced 7 nanometre EUV technology there is available.

Mali-G77 GPU

Samsung Exynos Modem 5123 Image
Samsung Exynos Modem 5123
We also have the brand-new Mali-G77 GPU it's based on a brand new architecture which improves the graphics performance up to 20% the chipset itself is an octa-core chip and combine everything we're getting about 20% performance boost compared to the previous generation Exynos 9825 chip we've got a brand new top class AI Dual-Core processing unit for all those AI stuff this ship also comes with a dedicated 5G modem the Exynos 5123 as always the 5G speeds will be insane if you go for the 5G model apart from 5G this also brings a lot of improvement to the 4G speeds as well.

120HZ Refresh Rate

120HZ Refresh Rate Display Driver Image
120HZ Refresh Rate Display Driver
Now one of the most exciting things about this Exynos 990 chip is that this features have 120 Hertz refresh rate display driver which could potentially mean that the next Generation Galaxy 11 might rock a 120 Hertz dynamic OLED display imagine that amount of smoothness with Samsung's top-of-the-line HDR display it's gonna look and feel amazing now it also sports 120 Hertz refresh rate with devices with multiple displays such as the Galaxy Folds so even the Next Generation Fold 2 can potentially have a 120 Hertz refresh rate.

108MP Camera Sensor

Another exciting thing that could actually happen is the 108MP camera sensor according to the spec sheet we have a advanced new image signal processor that enable pro-grade photography with resolution up to 108MP Samsung has announced this sensor a couple of months ago it's gonna be inside of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha which is a super expensive and a super rare product so the S11 could be the first international device to rock a 108MP sensor as for the videos it can shoot up to 8K at 30fps or 4K at 120fps along with the Exynos 990 chips.

Galaxy S11 Firmware Development

Samsung has started the Galaxy S11 firmware development currently the model number that has been spotted is the SM-G986B we said to be the S11 5G along with that we have the model number SM-G988B and SM-G981B which is said to be the S11E and the S11 plus obviously there will be 4G versions of S11 family but next year Samsung could bring more than one 5G flagship model compared to having just one now.

DOF Camera

There's a new report coming from South Korea which says that the Galaxy's S11 family will have a DOF camera for accurate depth sensing and we're talking about the rear cameras most likely the S11 family will rock 4 cameras at least on the plus and the non plus model the DOF modules are supplied by three different manufacturers from China which means that Samsung is definitely going hard on the DOF bandwagon it will be used for AR other stuff as well so other than the DOF sensor.

5x Optical Zoom Setup

The Galaxy S11 Plus model is expected Rock a 5x optical zoom setup along with a 108MP sensor for regular photos now that Exynos 990 that supports 108MP will be inside of the S11 family there is a strong possibility that this could actually happen.

So that's all the latest Galaxy S11 news the heart that runs the beast is the Exynos 990 it's official it's powerful about 20% compared to the current generation and I can't wait to see what the snapdragon 865 model will bring to the table anyways let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and I'll catch you guys in the next one peace out.

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