Occupational Accident Insurance

Occupational accident insurance means insurance that covers employees in the event of an accident occurring during and as a result of the performance of their contract. It applies both to employees under a definite or indefinite contract and to temporary workers, artists, trainees, etc.

Occupational Accident Insurance
Occupational Accident Insurance

What is work accident insurance?

Workers ' compensation insurance is, as its name suggests, insurance whose main mission is to protect workers. It therefore allows them to be insured against accidents occurring in the professional context, in other words, during the performance of their work.

As a reminder, the so-called “work” accident designates any accident suffered by the worker during and as a result of the performance of his employment contract. This concept also encompasses any accident that may occur on the way to work, both on the way there and on the way back.

Who benefits from work accident insurance coverage?

Well-being and safety at work define two of the major aspects of the professional world. This is why this type of insurance covers a large sample of workers.

Employees under contract

All employees under contract benefit from work accident insurance coverage. Indeed, when an employer hires workers through an employment contract, the latter has the obligation to take out work accident insurance in order to cover them. This obligation is dictated by the law on work accidents of April 24, 1971. This affiliation is set up through an insurance company approved by the authorities.

If the employer does not fulfill his duty with regard to the subscription to the insurance, then the employee will automatically be affiliated to Fedris. The Federal Agency for Occupational Risks, or Fedris, is a public body with various missions related to accidents at work.

Moreover, if the employer does not fulfill this obligation, he will risk legal action. In addition, if an accident occurs in the workplace, then it is the employer who will have to compensate the victim, fully and personally.

Workers without a contract

In addition to employees under contract, work accident insurance extends to other individuals. Among them we find:

  • Jobseekers;
  • Volunteers;
  • Persons hired under an apprenticeship contract;
  • Working students;
  • Students hired as part of a school internship, etc.

What is the maximum for work accident insurance?

Compensation for this type of insurance is calculated on the basis of the basic salary ceiling. In 2021, this ceiling represents an amount of 45,711.84 euros.

In order to be better covered against this type of risk, it is still possible to take out additional insurance. Among them, we find, for example, the insurance for exceeding the law, which makes it possible to increase the ceiling and to ensure the remuneration of the staff. Private life insurance, on the other hand, covers accidents that occur in the employee's private sphere.

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